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Sold. A Chain Of Retail & Trade Warehouse/emporiums Vintage & Antique Collections Throughout The S

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The company currently operates Mon to Fri 10am 5.30pm , Sat 9.30am 5.30pm , Sun 10am 5pm.
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The vendor plays no part in the day to day management of the company and relies upon: 5x Managers 20x Sales Assistants This trusted team take care of all matters relating to the successful trading of the companys outlets daily.

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The owner is planning an exit due to other pressing business interests.
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The owner would be happy to provide full training and support at handover to ensure a seamless transition of ownership, subject to negotiation.
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The company manages its activities from a chain of leased outlets: Site 1 10,000 Square foot Warehouse GBP 4,200 rent per month 4 years left on lease Net profit 13% Freehold available for purchase Site 2 11,000 Square foot Warehouse GBP 4,500 rent per month 5 years left on lease Net profit 22% Freehold available for purchase Site 3 14,000 Square foot Warehouse GBP 7,200 rent per month 3 years left on lease In first year of trading Freehold available for purchase Smaller site 4 2,200 Square foot Warehouse GBP 2,200 rent per month Annual Lease of high street location In first year of Site 5 8,000 Square foot Warehouse GBP 9,500 rent per month 10 years left on lease In first year of trading (Opened Feb 2016) Freehold available for purchase Site 6 Under completion
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A Chain of Retail & Trade Warehouse/Emporiums Vintage & Antique collections throughout the South West
Ref. AE057
Location : Dorset, Hampshire, Wiltshire
Asking Price : GBP1,000,000
This popular and rapidly expanding business has a stated ambition:
To be recognized as the number one destination for vintage, retro and antiques for traders and customers in the UK whilst supporting small businesses and the local community
And its VALUES statements include:
A retail business totally focused on giving local traders access to the public.
The majority of products sold under the company’s brand are one off vintage items making them exclusive by definition of their individual & exclusive history.
We understand the desire of young families to find great quirky items in store and so provide entertainment for children and food for all the family
The company does not restrict traders to any particular product group, allowing them a diverse selection of goods.
The company is passionate about being responsible in its business and to be aware of the impact it has and can have on the communities in which we work.
About the company
In the UK there are thousands of small traders dealing in vintage, retro and antique goods looking for the opportunity to sell their items in a market environment but without the need to be physically in attendance. Many of these traders have day time jobs or other commitments where it is impossible and doesnt make financial sense for them to be selling from their stalls and so end up only doing expensive weekend markets and having to transport all their goods every week.
To fill this gap in the market, the company rents large retail warehouse units and fits them out to accommodate these small traders, runs the retail operations and takes all the sales revenues through the company bank account without charging commission. The business model is based around the mark up of the rentable space to the traders and charging for rental of fit out furniture and the space for cafes and childrens play areas.
Started 5 years ago, the company has become a leading brand in the vintage market industry with a strong following by both traders and customers alike. Having positioned themselves as the market leader in the South West of England and with a growing country wide reputation, the company is now ready to expand across the South of England to include London and the Home Counties.
To compliment the planned 20 physical stores, the company will also offer the traders the opportunity to display their items in an on-line store where the business models differs as each item uploaded will have a quarterly charge and a 15% commission will be taken on all sales.
A future strategy for the business could include property asset ownership and UK and European franchising as a means to expand into new markets.

Expansion Potential
The business is well positioned to take advantage of new location opportunities for what is a successful and proven model.

Market / Competition / Non-Competition Agreements
The business is active with a sophisticated social media strategy.
Commerce integration is the principal foundation of the companys social platform. The strategy is to offer customers a fully integrated content offer, converting sales through the simple and sectioned content. The objective is to build the trust between the brand and consumer.
Consistent updates on products, exclusive launches, collaborations and brand endorsement will be featured in a fully integrated social commerce platform.
Multi-platform optimization is key to the success of the company, it is essential to navigate inspirational and transactional content delivering an easy retail experience and product offer resulting in an engaged audience and creating a loyal community.
The Social Strategy:
Fully integrated Social Platform
Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
Cross selling through Instagram and Facebook
Company blog connecting to pushing products in a lifestyle setting
Featured Trader Launches, collaborations, events
Cover of key seasonal events held locally directly linking into the products sales
Blogs, both in house and guest bloggers
Company YouTube channel featuring, tips, lifestyle and guests
Developing mobile Apps