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Sold. Highly Visible-profitable Food Carts For Owner Operated

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Furniture, fixtures and fittings included.
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Other business interests
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Yes, management training will be given along with "How To" establish relationships with food providers such as Sysco and Ben E. Keith which will provide inventory to the cart location as directed.
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This offering is an affordable source of future income either as owner/operator, or as a bundle, of four highly visible food carts and their respective locations. Each location enjoys the co-habitation of large retail stores in North Texas and a historical financial success at each location. The Gross Revenues are minimum historical data inputs for all four cart locations. Individual locations will have approximately 1/4th of the total Revenues. These four (4) units are being carved out of a larger number of the current Owner’s food business. The total bundle of four carts assumes that an Owner will NOT operate any of the carts, but will utilize the personnel currently operating the carts. However, the carts may be sold individually for cash and owner operated.

This is neither an offer to sell nor a solicitation to sell securities. Dailey Resources, Inc. is a licensed Real Estate Company.

Expansion Potential
Growth in the food cart business comes from two major arenas. The first is to maximize the sales activity with active and involved operators that have the talents to market their products. The second arena is to find additional locations to inhabit. Both are excellent growth factors.

Market / Competition / Non-Competition Agreements
As established businesses, each location enjoys a relationship with a major Retail store and if the business continues to enhance store visibility and carts are operated efficiently, there is minimum to no competition. There are other cart operations throughout North Texas that utilize a similar business plan. These super locations are competitive in themselves as being established with the retail stores and are fully operational. The Seller will initiate a Non-Compete for the Regional areas of operation.